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Buschjost extends range of filter valves: Clean filters even at minus 60°C

Low temperatures mean stress for filtration units, as condensate can freeze and hinder the function, as well as diaphragm materials can harden and wear prematurely. Buschjost now has developed valves which will operate reliably down to minus 60°C. Even under these extreme ambient temperatures they achieve short but fierce air blasts for the reverse jet cleaning of the filter media. The series ranges from DN20 to DN 80 valves and therefore offers solutions for small up to very big filter units.

By means of state of the art design and simulations tool Buschjost went into every detail of the valves and optimized all relevant parameters in order to make the complete series fit for purpose. This becomes obvious also in the unrivalled achieved kv-value which reaches up to 180 m/³ for the DN 80 valve. Special emphasis has also been given to the opening and closing characteristics. In order to minimise the air consumption the valves operate with the extreme short opening and closing times, hence reaching a fast and intensive pressure blast and closing sharply after this has been delivered. This results in a clearly reduced air consumption.

Designed for a long and maintenance-free operation all valves of this series are equipped with one-piece TPE-diaphragms with integrated spring function. In areas of extreme low temperature of -41°C to -60°C the valves need to be operated from a suitable pilot valve box, down to -40°C they can be equipped with solenoid actuators directly on the valves. In areas of down to -20°C even with the patented Buschjost Twist-on solenoid system which includes all functional elements captive in the coil assembly and can be installed without tools and in the smallest installation area. All electromagnetically operated valves come with a pilot area which gives maximum protection against freezing in that section. Solenoids are available in all usual voltages from 12 to 230 V AC and DC and can come in various versions with different ATEX or UL ratings.

The standard version is designed for fluid and ambient temperatures of up to +85°C, with special versions also suitable for ambient temperatures of +140°C. The operating pressure is 0.4 to 8 bar, whereas also valves for lower pressure are available for a designated temperature range. Due to their unique geometry they can be built into very compact valve manifolds of the smallest grid dimensions.

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