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Buschjost manufactures valves for power plants: Backpressure secure

Buschjost has an extensive presence in all aspects of the field of power plant technology. "From coal to nuclear plants, we supply the valves. For example, the generator cooling system is controlled using our valves, as is water supply and removal," explains Stefan Gotal, sector manager for conventional energies. Flue gas scrubbing and filter cleaning are two other areas in which Buschjost is active, with a focus on dealing with particulate.

Now Buschjost has redeveloped and improved its valve platform for power plants and process technology with the Click-on® Platform and flange valve series. In this endeavour the Bad Oeynhauser company relies on the many years of experience of its affiliate, Herion; Buschjost has taken over from Herion the responsibility as specialist for power plant valves within the IMI Norgren Group.

Buschjost brings to market a comprehensive spectrum of modern process valves for applications up to 40 bar. Due to the high requirements in power plants, Buschjost offers piston valves for this area with a high safety reserve and with backpressure protection. This characteristic is decisive for safe operation, especially in applications like generator cooling and the associated system of hydroelectric power plants.

The modern, forward-looking valves for process technology and energy technology are distinguished from established series by a range of qualities. They last longer (enabling more opening and closing) and require less maintenance, have long service lives and are precisely adapted to their mode of use. At the same time, the valves have to be profitable. This formed the foundation for the valve system technology. With its Click-on® System, the Bad Oeynhauser company has laid the cornerstone of a comprehensive valve system. Buschjost has optimised the Click-on® series such that it works with only a few types of magnet. They ensure safe functioning in piston valves, both standard and backpressure secure versions, in nominal widths of DN 8 to DN 50 and G 1/4 to G 2. Other sizes are also available upon request.

During development of the new valves, special attention has been paid to optimising the valve body. Modern design and simulation tools were used to analyse all relevant parameters in advance at the highest level of precision. The results can be seen in optimised flow-through rates and valve geometries. Moreover, we were able to significantly reduce the number of individual parts by integrating and combining functions for each valve. This means the valves can be operated more times and maintenance work is minimised.

Due to their compact pistons, the piston valves have a very flat shape. To make them resistant against soiling, the developers placed the sealing surfaces of the pistons outside of the flow area. This design both minimises vulnerability to contaminated media and has a positive effect on service life. All valves in the new series feature pistons with ultra-smooth, roller burnished surfaces, which further reduces wear and tear.

Depending on the series, valves are available in brass or stainless steel casings, and with flanged connections. The superheated steam design is able to accommodate media up to a temperature of +200 °C. Specially developed products for temperatures down to -40 °C and pressures as high as 70 bar complete the product range, including non-lubricating valves for integration into systems that use oxygen. Valves with backpressure protection maintain their backpressure seal at leakage rate E, up to 16 bar.

Standard versions are quickly taken to their limit, especially in the process industry and in energy technology. The plants also require electric position indicators, emergency manual activators, and versions with special plug connectors, manual assistance activators, etc. The extensive range of accessories offers the right solution for almost any need. Moreover, special certificates are available for the valves, such as 3.1 certificates and "Ex" certificates under ATEX.

Hardly any other sector insists on such high requirements for reliability and safety of components as the power generation sector. High quality standards account for the demand for Buschjost valves in this sector. Stefan Gotal: "Buschjost is even certified under KTA 1401 for use in nuclear power plants, where we supply special valves that can meet the immensely high requirements - pure high-tech with the highest safety and quality requirements.

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