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Water treatment: NSF Approved Plastic Valves

Clean drinking water is one of the most valuable resources on Earth. Responsible handling and treatment of this commodity are increasingly becoming a priority for the private consumer, commerce and authorities. Being aware that it is not inexhaustible, Buschjost turned its attention to the water treatment market some years ago:

  • Our brass, stainless steel and plastic diaphragm valves have been developed specifically for handling water and are ideal for controlling both the intake and flow of the treatment process
  • Our solenoid valves without differential pressure, which are increasingly being incorporated into custom solutions, are proven products, for example for controlling ozone or air
  • Our products and tailored solutions may be found in applications ranging from sea water desalination though to water sample analysis.

Buschjost has developed the NSF 42 and NSG 61 approved 84080 series of plastic valves for installing water supply systems. Their excellent surface finish and very good chemical resistance are bound to impress.

Their strengths are particularly evident when used for demineralised water, in water treatment systems and for slightly acidic fluids. These robust valves have a monolithically injection moulded EPDM diaphragm to ensure a tight seal. Their design optimises flow capacities without sacrificing reliability and makes them virtually maintenance free.

These diaphragm valves are actuated by solenoids from the Click-on®: system. This enables them to be used for all voltages from 12 to 230V and frequencies of 50 or 60Hz. The series includes the two sizes (1/2" and 3/4") typically required for such installations for the service range from 0.3 to 10.5 bar.

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