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Conventional energies: Next Generation Stainless Steel Valves

The importance of power stations will increase worldwide over the coming decades, with coverage of the global explosion in energy demand requiring an accelerating newbuild programme.

Process steam generators, power stations and waste incinerators are subject to special provisions as they have to meet very stringent requirements. Process safety in this sector is an absolute prerequisite for achieving a high level of supply dependability, with reliable control only being achieved if all of the relevant components of the facility operate reliably. This necessitates engineering integrity to ensure a high level of uptime.

The running of large steam generators and power stations basically depends on the reliability of the individual components. This is ensured by comprehensive regulations and standards (such as explosion protection regulations, Pressure Equipment Directive, electrical regulations, etc) enacted in all of the industrialised countries, together with continuous improvement and optimisation on the part of component manufacturers. Buschjost is a case in point in having developed completely new models and upgraded its existing range of solenoid valves for power stations and process engineering.

For many years the company has been supplying valves for a wide variety of conventional power station applications ranging from dust filter cleaning through water supplies and drainage, flue gas scrubbers and generator cooling systems to steam generators.

One recent addition to the range is a comprehensive series of stainless steel solenoid valves. They encompass the full bandwidth of solenoid valves with nominal diameters from DN1.5 to DN50, taking in directly and indirectly actuated diaphragm valves though to seat and piston valves with forced lifting.

The new stainless steel valves are based on the Click-on® series developed from scratch in recent years and comprehensively optimised with bleeding-edge computer simulations. Click-on® started off as the name of a user-friendly and effective method of mounting the solenoids. It has now become a complete selection of valves whose performance sets new technical standards on the market.

Over the years Buschjost has invested considerable resources in developing modern, trendsetting valves. With the new stainless steel models the company rounds off its system of valve modules to make available a wide spectrum of optimised valves representing excellent value for money.

The valves minimise maintenance while allowing sustained operation over their impressively long service lives. It is not just the standard versions that score points. Even some of the entry-level valves are suitable for the temperatures of up to 200 degrees encountered in steam generation.

An extensive range of solenoids for all standard voltages and frequencies is complemented by special (explosion resistant, etc) solenoids. A comprehensive offering of accessories including position indicators and manual override knob further widen the field of application of these valves.

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