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Integrated storage cleaning systems filter valves: Completely “Made in Germany”

Compressed air storage systems are an integral part of efficiently designed filter systems. They are essential as intermediate buffers and for smoothing out the pressure fluctuations that arise from pulse loadings when blowing off. The expert fluid specialists at Buschjost have developed a filter cleaning system with a variable grid arrangement that can be used even with extremely compact pocket filters without having to employ complex technical measures.

The system is based on a maximum 1200 mm long, 180 mm diameter tank - made from high quality aluminium alloy. The innovative system has grooved profiles on two sides which allow the whole system to be fitted simply and easily. Objects can be engaged anywhere in the grooves of the standard grooved profiles, which allows separate components such as controls to be attached.

The filter cleaning system is designed for valve sizes up to one inch. Buschjost has also developed special valves with different characteristics to allow the system to be used for pulse cleaning as well as for flushing with compressed air.

In addition to a quick, cost-reducing method of installation, the excellent long-term leakage test performance of the filter cleaning system is particularly impressive. The valves work reliably without pressure loss or leakage at medium temperatures of up to +80 °C and operating pressures of up to 8 bar. Depending on the field of application, the filter cleaning system can be fitted with a control box, peripheral devices such as feed and drainage valves, manometers or measurement line cleaners as well as filter valves and blast pipes.

Buschjost manufactures the filter cleaning system individually to suit the customer's requirements and supplies them with acceptance certificates in accordance with Pressure Equipment Directive 1. A further highlight: The system is completely “Made in Germany” from high quality aluminium right up to the attachment components.

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