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Filter valves up to +140 °C: No fear of heat problems

Although thermal feedback in filter systems may not be welcome, current technology lacks the means to fully prevent it, with the result that filters can quickly reach the +/-100 °C mark. For these applications Buschjost has developed special filter valves that can reliably withstand temperatures of +140 °C.

These valves are equipped with a special diaphragm and are a further development of the standard range of filter valves. One major advantage of the new technology is the extremely low leakage characteristics due to the lasting seal of the plastic diaphragm and the absence of leakage flows. The one-piece diaphragm is injection moulded from TPE, a feature which is particularly appreciated by service technicians when it is time for the diaphragm to be replaced. Just like a standard diaphragm, the new, high performance diaphragm ensures fast opening times, steep pressure increase curves and high air flows.

The filter valves are manufactured from a special aluminium alloy. All valves are available in sizes G 3/4 to G 2 1/2 inches and can have electromechanical or indirect pneumatic controls. The valves are designed for long, maintenance-free operation, work reliably with fluid temperatures up to +140 °C and at pressures between 0.4 and 8 bar. Solenoids are available for all commonly used voltages from 12 V to 230 V, for DC and AC and with approvals such as ATEX and UL.

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