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Buschjost valves for CNG filling stations: High reliability

For over 75 years Buschjost produces solenoid valves and systems for numerous applications. Since early 2008, the Bad Oeynhausen company is now also active in the high-pressure valve technology.

If CNG is offered in gas stations, this constitutes the highest demands on function, leaks and the security of the solenoid valves. The valves are exposed to high loads, as the storage density requires an increased pressure of the gas supplied from the conventional low pressure pipeline network. The natural gas is compressed in the gas plant to a pressure of 250 bar to 300 and stored in high pressure bottle bundles, before it is filled into the natural gas-powered vehicles.

The solenoid valves need to meet highest requirements. Depending on the customer frequency at the gas station, the high-pressure solenoid valves must be able to withstand a high number of switching operations. The pressure differences typically amount to 200 bar. These pressures mean highest demands to the solenoid valves. The quality of workmanship and material selection are crucial. Therefore only high quality materials and very durable sealing materials are used. The solenoid valves are tested dynamically at a pressure of 350 and statically at a pressure of 525 bar, before they leave the Buschjost factory. The burst pressure of these valves is at least about 1200th.

The individual components are precisely matched to each other, thus ensuring a very high durability of the valves. In addition, the valves are easy to install and service friendly. Based on the technical design and the high-performance sealing materials used in the solenoid valves they achieve a very high tightness. This of course requires the natural gas to be free of any particles. Buschjost suggests to place appropriate filters, which usually are part of a natural gas fuelling facilities anyway.

And of course the high pressure valves meet the regulations of the Pressure Equipment Directive and are certified according to ATEX.

Due to their compact design, the valves can also easily be integrated into any thing from simple 3-fold to complex 11-fold solenoid valve manifolds with integrated filters and check valves. Buschjost already has developed several customized solutions for different customers.

With small modifications the high pressure valves can be also re-designed to be used for hydrogen. And to meet the specific market requirements in this market Buschjost will continuously develop new high quality system solutions such as pressure regulators or excess flow, safety or venting valves, etc..

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