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Easier and faster to install: Flange valves with new flange geometry

Flange fittings have been providing top quality connections in installation for decades. They are dependable, standardised and robust. Buschjost has added a new flange valve range to its proven series of valves. The design of the devices have been completely revised in terms of valve technology and...[more]


AdBlue reduces nitrous oxides: Eco-Friendly Conversion

To reduce emissions of nitrous oxides and particles and to satisfy the new laws planned to control emissions, heavy-duty vehicle manufacturers are working on developing new exhaust treatment technologies. With its valves, Buschjost has been involved in these developments from the very beginning....[more]


Filter valves up to +140 °C: No fear of heat problems

Although thermal feedback in filter systems may not be welcome, current technology lacks the means to fully prevent it, with the result that filters can quickly reach the +/-100 °C mark. For these applications Buschjost has developed special filter valves that can reliably withstand temperatures of...[more]


Filter valves for separating corrosive media: Something to suit every application

Cleaning corrosive, dust-laden media presents a special challenge to both filter and filter cleaning systems. Buschjost offers some new filter valves that have been specially designed for this field of application to suit a wide range of loadings. To cover the widest spectrum of use our engineers...[more]


Integrated storage cleaning systems filter valves: Completely “Made in Germany”

Compressed air storage systems are an integral part of efficiently designed filter systems. They are essential as intermediate buffers and for smoothing out the pressure fluctuations that arise from pulse loadings when blowing off. The expert fluid specialists at Buschjost have developed a filter...[more]


Increasing air demand in large filter systems: Filter valve series extended up to DN 80

Short but intensive blasts of air with high pressure pulses are required for cleaning modern filter systems. To meet this increased demand for air in large filter systems Buschjost has extended its filter valve series with new bracket-connection filter valves with a 3-inch seating diameter in DN...[more]


Great air-conditioning on board: Buschjost valves are the backbone of interior ventilation

Air-conditioning systems are now considered as indispensable standard features of modern buses because passengers react very sensitively to uncomfortable temperatures, draughts or stale air. As a result the demands upon air-conditioning systems are correspondingly high. Buschjost has developed a...[more]


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