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Buschjost valves keep SCR-catalytic converters in trucks running: Nitric oxide? No thank you!

Innovative technical solutions which contribute to protecting the environment are always a special challenge for Buschjost’s employees. “The slogan 'The future’s green' is a central component of Buschjost’s philosophy”, explains Ognjen Starovic, Head of Sector Business, who is responsible for a...[more]


Buschjost valves significantly prolong maintenance intervals for drinks machines: Simply Plug and Use

„Of course it also was a bit of luck to being able to make our entry into the valve market for professional coffee machines and drink dispensers together with one of the leading manufacturers worldwide. On the other hand, bringing in the decades of experience in design and production of solenoid...[more]


Buschjost extends range of filter valves: Clean filters even at minus 60°C

Low temperatures mean stress for filtration units, as condensate can freeze and hinder the function, as well as diaphragm materials can harden and wear prematurely. Buschjost now has developed valves which will operate reliably down to minus 60°C. Even under these extreme ambient temperatures they...[more]


Buschjost valves for CNG filling stations: High reliability

For over 75 years Buschjost produces solenoid valves and systems for numerous applications. Since early 2008, the Bad Oeynhausen company is now also active in the high-pressure valve technology. If CNG is offered in gas stations, this constitutes the highest demands on function, leaks and the...[more]


Buschjost manufactures valves for power plants: Backpressure secure

Buschjost has an extensive presence in all aspects of the field of power plant technology. "From coal to nuclear plants, we supply the valves. For example, the generator cooling system is controlled using our valves, as is water supply and removal," explains Stefan Gotal, sector manager...[more]


Water Treatment: Prepared for all Applications

Drinking water is a precious and ever increasingly scarcer resource. The need by mankind for water increases continuously. Therefore the responsible handling of clean water and its supply increasingly becomes a priority for consumers, the economy and the authorities. To secure the supply of...[more]


Compact, high-tech plastic valves ensure great-tasting coffee: A replacement for brass

The WMF name is known worldwide for high quality, functional and innovative products. These include the Presto!, Bistro! and Combination coffee machines.   Many Buschjost valves are at work inside these machines, guaranteeing a perfect Espresso, Café Crème or Latte Macchiato and ensuring...[more]


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