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Motorised control valves for air-conditioning systems in commercial vehicles: Tailor-made solutions

Developed and validated with leading OEMs, Buschjost motorised control valves of the 82880 series, Heat Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC), meet the complex demands of the industry. Cost-efficient and robust, they ensure a long equipment service life.  Their energy consumption is low,...[more]


New valve controls for air purification plants: Safe to use worldwide

Just in time for Powtech, Buschjost has brought onto the market a completely new production series (83490) for controlling filter valves in dedusting technology. Saving time through simple operation, less training required on introduction, safety thanks to reliable parts and attractive prices are...[more]


From very cold to very hot: Filter valves for extreme ranges

Buschjost is surrendering to new demands from the markets and is now offering special filter valves which are customised for a wide range of various loads and perform their duties reliably at high minus and plus temperatures. Cost savings due to longer service lives and lower compressed air...[more]


Robust, flexible and compact: Solenoid valves for professional coffee machines

There are a number of advantages for the use of this compact valve series from Buschjost in fully automatic professional coffee machines. They guarantee long-term, high-quality performance with significantly decreased maintenance costs. The magnetically actuated valves comprised of high-performance...[more]


SIL certified valves

There is only a small, exclusive circle of companies that may claim SIL certification of their process valves in use in power plants. “In Germany, only three companies may carry this quality certificate – Buschjost is among them,” reports Stefan Gotal, Key Account Manager for conventional and...[more]


Dustfilter cleaning worldwide: Control with symbols

The Buschjost flex-on® filter cleaning system for cleaning dust filter systems has been successfully established in the market since 2009. The corresponding Buschjost solenoid valve control system for small and medium-sized dust collectors will be available in time for the Hanover Fair 2011....[more]


Valves for diesel- or petrol-driven vehicles: Reduce emissions under high pressure

Michael Balducci would like to see the end of diesel- or petrol-driven vehicles – not only due to the fact that the mineral oil resources are limited. „Whoever is willing to leave our children and grandchildren an intact environment behind has to focus on other fuels than diesel and petrol. Not...[more]


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