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Functional safety as primary goal

IMI Buschjost hydraulic valve manifolds 83165 and 83185 achieve PL d Performance Level [more]


Modified TPE diaphragm: Long service life at extreme temperatures

Leading industrial companies rely on Buschjost valves for their air purification. There are many advantages to this approach: Valves and advanced technologies keep operating and maintenance costs low, as they significantly lower compressed air consumption and reduce downtimes. Plant operators can...[more]


Buschjost filter programme: Now also for sophisticated large-filter systems

At Buschjost, users can buy valves and control systems from one source. At the Powtech, the company is now presenting a decisive system enhancement. Whereas up to now one to 64 valves were activated with the existing system, now up to 576 valves are possible!The trick: No new control systems are...[more]


The latest addition to our product range: Heavy-duty filter valve for pressures of up to 12 bar

For the development of its latest filter valves, Buschjost wanted to come up with a product that allows for greater cleaning effectiveness, using air blasts of higher pressure. With these new valves, Buschjost has once again extended its product range in this field, being the first supplier to...[more]


Filter cleaning system: Complementing the product range

Buschjost is now offering a particularly compact filter cleaning system with a modular design that can be adapted to customer requirements. The high quality system solution meets all current guidelines and removes the need for customers to build expensive tanks.The fact is, filter systems around...[more]


From commercial vehicles to marine diesels: The sustainable reduction of NOx emissions

High quality materials, a long lifespan despite operating in adverse environmental conditions, efficient cleaning: these valves provide long-term help in meeting legal requirements for the protection of the environment. For many years, technologies for the after treatment of exhaust gases have been...[more]


Filter valves: A high-performance diaphragm for extreme temperatures

Whether Siberia or Malaysia: Buschjost filter valves are a reliable option even in extreme temperatures. Other technical benefits include durability, very short opening and closing times and high pressure impulse/pressure surge. This guarantees efficient cleaning in all situations and saves the end...[more]


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