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Jubilarians honoured: 100 years Buschjost

Long-term company affiliation is tradition at the Buschjost GmbH. In July the company will honour four jubilarians with a total of 100 years service. Gerhard Braun, Hans-Joachim Beckmann, Friedrich Knappmeier and Manfred Reckefuß. The four belong to the old hands at Buschjost, and not just a few...[more]


Hannover Messe 2011: District Administrator Dr Ralf Niermann finds out what's new at Buschjost

"During the five days of the trade show, we had a number of promising discussions," says Dirk Küster, Sales Manager at Buschjost, of the success of this year's Hannover Messe. "We more than achieved our objective to take a long list of new contacts back with us. Moreover, a whole...[more]


Buschjost agrees on 2011’s targets for the partnerships: More practical experience in schools

For two years now, Buschjost has been in partnership with schools, colleges and even nursery schools. At the beginning of the year the ideas for 2011 were determined.Once again there will be a full programme:In the secondary general school Bad Oeynhausen Nord, Buschjost will assist with application...[more]


Ideal "Team Players" shape events and achieve great things: Little Giants

Success and efficiency don’t always depend on size: “In the animal kingdom, the ant demonstrates this perfectly”, says Oliver Wehking, managing director at Buschjost, talking about the company’s latest ad campaign. “Though extremely tiny, an ant’s ‘design and construction’ enable it to move huge...[more]


Buschjost sets the energy benchmark high: A minimum of 10 percent

Less and less and less: When talking about energy savings everybody at Buschjost – the management as well as the trainee and the engineer – has a professional athlete’s attitude: „It always can be a bit better and optimized!“The company founded an „Environmental-Management-Team“in 2004 already,...[more]


New Website: Surfing Buschjost

Fresher, friendlier, more up-to-date and even more user friendly: That’s how to shortly describe the new Buschjost internet presence, which is „online“ since a few weeks, best. “When Buschjost, in June 1997 already, presented itself in the >world-wide-web< fort he first time this appearance...[more]


Future-oriented team with the highest degree of job satisfaction: The Buschjost Job Advantage

Honor to whom honor is due: That Buschjost was rated the „number one“ in the worldwide employee satisfaction questionnaire of all the IMI group companies pleases Lutz Missbach, but does not surprise the Buschjost human resources manager: „The good working atmosphere is a Buschjost tradition since...[more]


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