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563 years of service - Buschjost honours long-serving employees

Long-term service with the company is a tradition at Buschjost GmbH (a company of IMI Precision Engineering). The company held a ceremony to honour 22 long-serving employees celebrating their company anniversaries for their collective 400 years of service, while saying goodbye to six employees who,...[more]


Staff members sign up - Buschjost GmbH participates in donor campaign for Sonja and Patrick

“Open your mouth, swab in, become a donor!” This is the motto of DKMS (German Bone Marrow Donor Database). And not only there: it was also the motto at Buschjost GmbH last week. The Bad Oeynhausen-based company participated in the rescue campaign for 41-year-old Sonja from Vlotho and 10-year-old...[more]


Young talent at Buschjost GmbH: Into the new training year

Training start - on August 1st, nine young people commenced their training at Buschjost GmbH. Two cutting machine operators, two industrial mechanics, one tool mechanic, one technical product designer, two industrial clerks and one employee receiving introductory training to be a warehouse clerk...[more]


Staff’s voluntary commitment: Commitment forms part of the corporate culture at Buschjost

Helping people is part of the corporate philosophy at Buschjost GmbH. That does not just refer to products that create amenities for people in many areas, but also social commitment, to which the company and its staff devote themselves in many ways. For example, the annual schools sports festival...[more]


Training successfully completed: Buschjost GmbH relies on qualified trainees

Five young employees of Buschjost GmbH are now embarking on a new phase of their lives: they have successfully completed their training. Managing Director Oliver Wehking recently presented certificates to the young skilled workers at a small ceremony, in which he congratulated them and encouraged...[more]


Female professionals wanted: Buschjost promotes women in technical professions

Inspire more young women to be interested in technical professions - this was the declared aim of the pilot project "MINTrelations – Zukunftswerkstatt Technikberufe", in which Buschjost GmbH was one of the participants. Over the course of three years, about 40 female school pupils and...[more]


Buschjost GmbH supports the “Wünsch dir was” campaign

Bad Oeynhausen-based company donates 108 Christmas presents to Karlsson e.V.[more]


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