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A lively exchange - Networking event at Buschjost GmbH offers exchange of information about the Lean Journey

At the end of September, the network OWL Maschinenbau e. V. visited Buschjost GmbH (a company of the IMI Precision Engineering Group) in Bad Oeynhausen. The exchange between the regional companies focused on a Buschjost field report and the topics ‘Lean Manufacturing’ and ‘Total Productive...[more]


Focus on Employees - Buschjost GmbH to invest in a training workshop and canteen

The draft has been done; the building application will be submitted shortly. Buschjost GmbH (a company of IMI Precision Engineering) is planning a new canteen and an extension to the training workshop at its facility by the Lohe. This is a response by the company to the current employment...[more]


Starting a new phase of life - Training is beginning for seven new apprentices at Buschjost GmbH

“As a company, our success depends on the performance and knowledge of each individual. This is precisely why we attach so much importance to training young people ourselves and thus providing the next generation of specialists”, explained Thomas König, plant manager at Buschjost GmbH (a company of...[more]


Health and integrity - IMI Way Day at Buschjost GmbH

Last week, the topics of health and exemplary conduct were the focus at Buschjost GmbH (an IMI Precision Engineering company). As part of an internal training programme, the "IMI Way Days", all employees had an opportunity to refresh their knowledge of the regulations and values which...[more]


Erfolgsgeschichte fortschreiben - Martin Maas ist neuer Geschäftsführer der Buschjost GmbH

Es gibt Veränderungen in der Geschäftsleitung der Buschjost GmbH (ein Unternehmen von IMI Precision Engineering): Martin Maas wurde Mitte Mai zum neuen Geschäftsführer berufen. Der 41jährige wuchs am Niederrhein auf. Er ist verheiratet und hat zwei Kinder. Nach einem...[more]


Children’s wishes to come true - Together with its staff, Buschjost GmbH is supporting the ‘Wünsch dir was’ campaign

For nine years now, ‘give a donation instead of a gift’ has been the motto at Buschjost GmbH, an IMI Precision Engineering company in Bad Oeynhausen. This is the fifth time that the company, together with staff, has supported the ‘Make a wish’ campaign, a project run by the Karlsson e.V....[more]


Learning as a team - Training begins at Buschjost GmbH

We’re delighted to have so many motivated, talented young people train with us once again,” explains Oliver Wehking, CEO of Buschjost GmbH (an IMI Precision Engineering company).On 1 August, seven new people began training at Buschjost, and so now two cutting machine operators, one industrial...[more]


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