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Successful in the market for over 80 years, the IMI Buschjost product brand is a market leading product range of process and multimedia valve technology and systems solutions for liquid and gaseous media. Since 1997, the enterprise of 370 employees has belonged to the IMI Group – a worldleader in the precise control and movement of fluids in critical applications. Since the beginning of the year 2015, Buschjost GmbH is trading under the name IMI Precision Engineering.
  • 1933

    Buschjost was founded on February 28, 1933 by Friedrich Buschjost. In his workshop the development of electric motors began. In these days the machinery consists of one mechanic lathe only.


    The company's place is located at the village "Lohe" now. The development and production of devices for furniture and agriculture industries starts. Three employees and two apprentices do their job in the workshop.


    The development and production of simple solenoid valves begins.


    Fritz Buschjost died. Courageously his wife continues his work until the oldest son Heinz took over the management.

  • 1957

    The estate in Lohe, Hellerhagen No. 179.
    The historical property is replaced by a modern building.

  • 1967

    The facilities are increased and modernised.
    Buschjost becomes a member of the Herion group.
  • 1977

  • 1979

    The first new manufacturing hall across the street.

  • 1983

    01. January 1983
    Change at the top of
    Fr. Buschjost GmbH + Co.

    New General Manager
    Dieter Freudenberg
  • 1985

    New hall.
    Main part of manufacturing is transferred to the new buildings.
  • 1990

    Addition of a new hall with two floors. Complete movement of manufacturing to the new plant assembly.
    New parking area for the office building.
  • 1993 / 1994

    New modern office building at the place of the former manufacturing halls.
    Enlargement of the material reception area.

  • 1997

  • 1998

    Expansion of the "new" manufacturing plant by an additional building for the stock.
  • (f.l.) Thomas Voigt and Dieter Freudenberg
  • 2002

    01. April 2002
    Change at the top of
    IMI Norgren Buschjost GmbH + Co. KG

    New General Manager
    Thomas Voigt

  • (f.l.) Michael Preinerstorfer, Hans-Peter Supik, Dr. Jürgen Ackermann

  • 2006

    19. January 2006
    Change at the top of
    IMI Norgren Buschjost GmbH + Co. KG

    New General Manager
    Michael Preinerstorfer    

  • 2008

    New manufacturing hall
  • (f.l.) Oliver Wehking and Michael Preinerstorfer

  • 2009

    20. May 2009
    Change at the top of
    Buschjost Norgren GmbH + Co. KG

    New General Manager
    Oliver Wehking
  • 2009

    12. October 2009
    Name changed to Buschjost GmbH

  • 2015

    01. Februar 2015
    Buschjost GmbH is trading as
    IMI Precision Engineering since the beginning of 2015.