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Social responsibility is a vital component of our global business policy. That is why we have taken a number of diverse measures and committed ourselves to achieving a balance between economic success, societal engagement and effective environmental protection.

We are committed to the education of young people. Currently there are 21 apprentices working for the company in diverse occupational areas. This number is also set to rise further in the coming years. Partnerships with tertiary institutions, the facilitation of internships under fair conditions and the further training of our own employees on a continual basis are all part of our standard procedure.

School partnerships
Since the beginning of 2009, we have maintained educational partnerships with the schools in the Bad Oeynhausen area: Hauptschule Nord, Realschule Süd and the Immanuel Kant Gymnasium. This allows us to actively support students from diverse institutions who are interested in technology and engineering.

Exchange and practical assignments are on the agenda. The pupils work with their partner company's products and structures as well as its manufacturing and distribution processes. This gives them a practical perspective of the working world and the occupational areas in the company. And in return, we will get the chance to take measures against a possible skill shortage in the future.