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Partner of Deutsche Post DHL’s climate protection campaign GoGreen

When it comes to protecting the environment, actions speak louder than words for us. With immediate effect, we will from now on use Deutsche Post DHL’s GoGreen shipping service for all its letters and parcels, thereby ensuring that the emissions of CO2 resulting from its shipments are completely neutralised. This enables us to take active responsibility for the protection of the earth’s climate.

The GoGreen climate protection programme in detail:
Deutsche Post DHL records and assesses the CO2 emissions generated during its transport operations, in line with international standards. The calculation system used is certified by the independent company Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) in accordance with ISO 14064.
In compliance with the aims and targets of the Kyoto protocol, Deutsche Post DHL then offsets the emissions calculated by investing in climate protection projects, including:
  • Hydroelectric power stations in Brazil
  • A landfill gas plant in Turkey
  • A wind power station in China
  • A biomass power station in India
The entire supplementary fee that is charged in addition to the standard shipping charge goes towards protecting the climate, minus a minimum handling fee. Furthermore, all participants of the GoGreen programme each year receive a report on the relevant findings, which are verified and certified by a renowned, independent assessment company.

With its ambitious GoGreen programme, Deutsche Post DHL aims to reduce CO2 emissions by 30% by 2020, compared to the base year of 2007. The Group is taking extensive measures to achieve this goal on time and in the long term. The gradual renewal of its fleet as well as shifting some of its cargo from road to rail and sea aim to facilitate carbon-neutral shipments; the use of innovative technologies further supports this. In addition, Deutsche Post DHL strives to use renewable energy sources and more energy-efficient practices.

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