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Modern Design

Modern Design

In order to live up to our standard, we ensure a well balanced combination of experienced employees and new recruits in our R&D department.
For new product development, we rely on experience in combination with the latest FEA tools. This allows us to create products of the high constructional quality with optimal application of materials, thus enabling environmentally sound use of raw materials.
This is organised by means of a structured project plan. The R&D department is divided up into the platform design, project design and preliminary development units. Platform design uses modern standardised products to lay the groundwork for customer-specific valves, which are developed in project design via sector-specific adaptation corresponding to our customer’s needs. This process places particular attention on creating added value for our customers, which they can use to distinguish themselves from competitors.

Preliminary development creates project-independent technologies and ideas for the future, which also reinforce our technical orientation. This is supplemented by regular production of academic dissertations and collaborations with universities of applied sciences.