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Advantages of our inhouse production

IMI Buschjost valves are 75 % made in Germany

You can be sure of one thing: 75 % of the components of an IMI Buschjost valve are produced by ourselves.

When faced with finding a balance between quantity and quality, we have made a clear decision in favour of quality and flexibility: we offer a wide range of services from individual parts to large production runs. We have deliberately maintained a tradition of high vertical integration, in order to  meet virtually every customer requirement.

Clear standards ensure lean production. The key to this lies in a combination of highly skilled, highly motivated employees and above-average investment in the latest technologies.

Examples of the tradition of high vertical integration:
  • 30 years of experience in CNC-technology in mechanical manufacturing
  • 40 years experience in manufacturing magnets
  • 40 years experience in elastomer technology
  • 19 years experience in thermoplastic processing
  • 22 years experience in  automated assembly and testing
Fast time-to-market:
Prototypes: 2-12 weeks
Modifications of standard products: 4-6 weeks
New tailor-made solutions: from 4 weeks