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Food & Beverages

IMI Buschjost valves are included in some applications in the field of food and beverages.

Together with a large coffee machine manufacturer, we have developed valves for their coffee machines. The main task of the new IMI Buschjost valves is to take over control of cold water, hot water, steam and cleaning solution in the coffee machines. The technical valve design ensures that the unlimited functioning as well as the maintenance intervals are significantly increased.

Flyer Coffee Valves
IMI Buschjost valves can also be found in ovens. In bakeries and baking shops, automatic ovens are used. These ovens have different floors, so that the bread rolls and baked goods to be baked in the ovens get a different look. The dough is placed on the baking trays that are heated up. After a certain amount of time, cold water is sprayed onto the trays. The generated swath causes the dough surface to change. Depending on the intensity of the swath, the look changes from white to brown. IMI Buschjost solenoid valves control injection of the cold water.