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Water Treatment
Drinking water is one of the most valuable resources on Earth. Responsible handling and treatment of clean water are becoming an increasing priority for commercial and domestic consumers and the authorities. Keenly aware of the limited supply, we turned our attention to the water treatment market some years ago.
  • Our brass, stainless steel and plastic diaphragm valves are developed specifically for handling water and are ideal for controlling both the intake and treatment process flow.
  • Our solenoid valves without differential pressure, which are finding increasing application in custom solutions, are proven products, for example for controlling ozone or air.
Our products and custom solutions are to be found in applications ranging from sea water desalination though to water sample analysis.

Flyer Water

Hydraulic Systems
Our quiet, auto-switching blocks of directional valves operate on a patented flow back pressure principle. They allow continual opening and closing of cylinders with reliability and precision, even under extreme conditions. For over 20 years they have proven effective where electrical actuation of solenoid directional valves is ruled out in situations such as:
  • Actuation of various types of compactor (compacted waste container)
  • Operation of handling systems such as sliding floors, stall mucking-out and charging systems
Cost-effective additional functions such as differential switching (rapid), pressure switch connections, function base plates and additional modules extend and enhance the range of applications.
Dust Filter
For more than 25 years we have been producing components for dust cleaning systems. Based on this experience and numerous projects with well-known customers, the company develops products that set the market standards in terms of technology, reliability, functionality and value for money.
Filter technology can be found in product and dust filter systems. These systems were originally designed for use in product filter systems which filter out the desired product from a stream of gas or air as part of the manufacturing process.
Pneumatic delivery systems (pressure or vacuum) incorporate filter systems to separate the product from the air. Examples include the grain milling, pharmaceutical and cement industries.
Dust filter systems have gained in importance over the years as environmental standards have risen. Air or gas contaminated with dust must nowadays be filtered before it can be discharged into the atmosphere.
Another task preformed by dust filter systems is the reduction of gaseous chemical content, e.g. sulphur removal. And not to be forgotten: the cleaning of dust particles from the air used in the combustion processes for electricity generation, e. g. in gas turbine power plants to prevent damage to the turbine blades.
Depending on their application, filters may be classed as:
  • Process filters
  • Outlet filters
  • Inlet filters
The majority of filter systems have fabric or cartridge filters that are cleaned with compressed air. The filter elements are cleaned by pulses of compressed air. IMI Buschjost filter valves control these pulses of air from a compressed air reservoir or tank. The dust collection process does not rely on the pulses of compressed air alone; there is also an accompanying secondary air flow (Venturi nozzle or Coander nozzle).
The design of the filter housing, elements and cleaning system influence the dust collection process. We supply filter valves, electronic controls, differential pressure regulators, measuring line purge valves and other accessories for dust collection systems.
Furthermore we offer our customers lightweight filter cleaning system made in profile aluminium that can be customised to meet their specific requirements!

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