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Oil, gas, chemical
Valves for applications in the areas of oil, chemicals and gas have to be high-performance as well as secure. We have many years of experience and know-how when it comes to closing gas mains. Our range of products include various different types of valves for use in industry and building services. Suitable for low and high pressure, with explosion-proofed coils and DVGW and SIL certification, the valves are constructed to be ideally suited for use in this sector.
Power Stations
The importance of power stations will increase worldwide over the coming decades. Covering the global increase in the demand for energy will require more and more of these plants.

For years we have been supplying valves for a wide variety of power station applications. These range from dust filter cleaning through water supplies and drainage, flue gas scrubbers and generator cooling systems to steam generators.

Talk to us to see how we can devise a technical solution for use in power stations that gives you a competitive edge.

High pressure
Since early 2008, we are now also active in the high-pressure valve technology. If CNG is offered in gas stations, this constitutes the highest demands on function, leaks and the security of the solenoid valves. The valves are exposed to high loads, as the storage density requires an increased pressure of the gas supplied from the conventional low pressure pipeline network. The natural gas is compressed in the gas plant to a pressure of 250 bar to 300 and stored in high pressure bottle bundles, before it is filled into the natural gas-powered vehicles.
Due to their compact design, the valves can also easily be integrated into any thing from simple 3-fold to complex 11-fold solenoid valve manifolds with integrated filters and check valves. With small modifications the high pressure valves can be also re-designed to be used for hydrogen.

Renewable Energies
IMI Buschjost offers a wealth of solutions for the vegetable oil, fuel cell and biogas sector. The materials used for all these products are exactly matched to the requirements. The valve characteristics have also been developed for the particular application, with specially tailored actuators rounding off the repertoire.
The fuel cell valves are made of stainless steel or plastic to enable use in contact with, for example, demineralised water. Proportional technology is used for accurate control.
Stainless steel is employed for the aggressive medium of biogas. These valves have to be designed for very low pressures.
Vegetable oil valves are fitted with solenoids designed specifically to suit the voltage levels in vehicle electrical systems.