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Commercial Vehicles

Heating and Cooling
We have been designing and producing control valves for heating and air conditioning in commercial vehicles for more than 20 years. Approximately 70,000 valves are manufactured annually for the international market.

In this sector, solenoid and pneumatically actuated valves – predominantly for isolating circuits – and various motorised valves are used. They are notable for their very effective characteristics, dirt resistance, compactness, robustness and freedom from switching noises.

IMI Buschjost is the ideal brand for the commercial vehicles sector when it comes to controlling challenging media in demanding environments.

We offer valves and custom solutions for:
  • Controlling the coolant
  • Air conditioning in commercial vehicles
Emissions Control
IMI Buschjost’s role in emission control systems arose as a result of regulations on the maximum amount of pollution a truck can omit. Eventually trucks could not achieve those emission caps without the use of Urea as a reducing agent of NOx’s. The Urea system in principle works by aqueous Urea being carefully dosed and injected into the exhaust gas. The aqueous Urea then evaporates and turns partially into Ammonia. Further down stream a SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) catalyser then causes the Ammonia to react with the exhaust gas and the result is a reduction in NOx’s.