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Maintenance network meeting OWL (East Westphalia) at Buschjost: Lively exchange

The 12th meeting of the "OWL maintenance" network was held this time in the offices of Buschjost in Bad Oeynhausen. The focus of the discussion at the regional enterprise was a Buschjost experience report and the topics of "Preventative maintenance" and "Thermography"....[more]


Buschjost makes Christmas donation to the Ronald McDonald House Bad Oeynhausen: Donation instead of gifts

It’s almost become tradition at Buschjost GmbH to not give its customers and business partner’s expensive Christmas gifts and to instead use the money to support a worthy cause – this year, the company has made a donation to the Ronald McDonald House in Bad Oeynhausen.The money will be well spent...[more]


Buschjost honoured for its energy commitment: 10 percent energy saving

At Buschjost GmbH, commitment to the environment goes without saying. To investigate where energy can be saved has now become an integral part of day-to day business activities. In order to take energy saving to the next level, the company joined a project by Energie Impuls OWL at the beginning of...[more]


A combined total of 610 years at Buschjost

Buschjost has a strong tradition of long service. The company invited all those celebrating a service milestone and their partners for a celebration at the Bonneberg Hotel. Those honoured for a combined total of 610 years of service at Buschjost were: 40 years: Rolf Mehmed; Turning shop25...[more]


Winner of Powtech prize draw picked

Visitors to Buschjost's stand at Powtech in October were given the chance to try their luck on Buschjost's pinball machine. A whole host of prizes were up for grabs at the stand: from pens to torches. Those who were particularly lucky and struck right in the middle were entered into a prize draw to...[more]


District Administrator Dr. Ralf Niermann visits Buschjost: Invisible helpers in everyday life

Our products cannot be seen, but they can be found in every aspect of everyday life,” says Oliver Wehking, CEO of Buschjost GmbH. “For example, within the coffee machine in our conference room, five Buschjost valves ensure that the coffee is kept fresh and hot,” he continues. A few days ago,...[more]


Buschjost is a Partner in Deutsche Post DHL's Climate Protection Campaign GoGreen: For a better future

When it comes to protecting the environment, actions speak louder than words for Buschjost. With immediate effect, Buschjost will from now on use Deutsche Post DHL’s GoGreen shipping service for all its letters and parcels, thereby ensuring that the emissions of CO2 resulting from its shipments are...[more]


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