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Welcome to IMI Buschjost

It has been a long road from the workshop for electric motors established in 1933 by Friedrich Buschjost to the global player of today. We have been producing magnetic valves since 1953. As a member of IMI Precision Engineering, we are a market leader in process and multimedia valves.

IMI Buschjost is known in the market for being a leader in technology and innovation, and also for setting quality benchmarks. Working in partnership with each and every customer and our extremely stable HR policies are simply a matter of course at Buschjost.

Our commitment to the environment has a long tradition. Whether it is innovative valves to help save energy and conserve resources, or by organising all our operational processes in terms of environmental protection and by promoting an environmentally conscious outlook among our employees. 


Meorga Landshut

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Focus on occupational safety

Employer's liability insurance association trains at Buschjost GmbH